Wales v Czechoslovakia


Between 1920 and 1992 the Czechoslovakia national football team qualified for eight FIFA World Cup tournaments and three UEFA European Championships. They were runners-up in the FIFA World Cups of 1934 and 1962, and won the UEFA European Championship in 1976.


On 5 April 1903, while still part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the Český Footballový Svaz representing the Kingdom of Bohemia, played its first international; a 2–1 loss to Hungary in Budapest.

The two sides played each other a further four times before Bohemia played their final match on 13 June 1908, losing 4–0 at home to England after which FIFA, influenced by the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, suspended Bohemia's membership.

In 1918, at the end of the First World War, Czechoslovakia declared its independence from Austria-Hungary and the Čskoslovenská Asociace Fotbalová (ČSAF) was formed, becoming members of FIFA in 1919.

Their first match as Czechoslovakia was at the 1920 Summer Olympic Games tournament in Antwerp; a 7-0 victory over Yugoslavia who were also playing their first ever international match.

Following the dissolution of Czechoslovakia on 1 January 1993, the Fotbalová Asociace České Republiky; (FAČR) was recognised by FIFA and UEFA as the successor to the Czechoslovakian national team, however, the unified team was participating in UEFA qualifying Group 4 for the 1994 World Cup; it completed this campaign as the Reprezentace Čechů a Slováků (RCS).

The Fotbalová Asociace České Republiky (FAČR) played their first international as an independent state as part of the UEFA Euro 1996 qualifying campaign when they defeated Malta 6–1 in Ostrava.

The Slovenský Futbalový Zväz (SFZ) played their first official match as an independent state in a friendly against the United Arab Emirates in Dubai on 2 February 1994.

Wales record v Czechoslovakia

The first international match between Wales and Czechoslovakia came in 1957 as part of the qualifying campaign for the 1958 FIFA World Cup.

Head to Head v Czechoslovakia


Match details

no.datescorescorers (wales)venue 
21601/05/1957Wales 1-0 CzechoslovakiaVernonNinian Park, CardiffWCQ
21826/05/1957Czechoslovakia 2-0 Wales Stadion Československé Armády, Strahov, PragueWCQ
29321/04/1971Wales 1-3 CzechoslovakiaR Davies (pen)Vetch Field, SwanseaECQ
29927/10/1971Czechoslovakia 1-0 Wales Letenský Stadion, PragueECQ
33130/03/1977Wales 3-0 CzechoslovakiaL James (2), DeacyRacecourse Ground, WrexhamWCQ
33816/11/1977Czechoslovakia 1-0 Wales Letenský Stadion, PragueWCQ
35919/11/1980Wales 1-0 CzechoslovakiaGilesNinian Park, CardiffWCQ
36509/09/1981Czechoslovakia 2-0 Wales Stadion Evžena Rošického, PragueWCQ
40629/04/1987Wales 1-1 CzechoslovakiaRushRacecourse Ground, WrexhamECQ
40911/11/1987Czechoslovakia 2-0 Wales Letenský Stadion, PragueECQ

Head to Head v R.C.S.


Match details

no.datescorescorers (wales)venue 
44728/04/1993RCS 1-1 WalesM HughesStadion Bazaly, OstravaWCQ
44908/09/1993Wales 2-2 RCSGiggs, RushArms Park, CardiffWCQ

Czechoslovakia Honours

FIFA World Cup runners-up (2): 1934, 1962

UEFA European Championship winners (1): 1976

Welsh players to have made their debut against Czechoslovakia

Fourteen Welsh players made their international debut against Czechoslovakia.

  • Colin Webster (1957)
  • Dai Thomas (1957)
  • Des Palmer (1957)
  • Leighton Phillips (1971)
  • Tom Walley (1971)
  • Arfon Griffiths (1971)
  • Mick Hill (1971)
  • Leighton James (1971)
  • Peter Sayer (1977)
  • Nick Deacy (1977)
  • Donato Nardiello (1977)
  • Kevin Ratcliffe (1980)
  • Jeremy Charles (1980)
  • Geraint Williams (1987)

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